Studio Jewelers LTD, Jewelry Trade School

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Student at workComprehensive Jewelry Training (720 hours)
For people planning to enter the professional jewelry trade, this course teaches small groups in four major areas of study: fundamental jewelry techniques, stone setting, wax modeling, casting/molds, and decorative processes. Classes meet Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. (1-2 p.m. lunch) for 24 weeks. This course is our longest, and most thorough program we offer.

Comprehensive Jewelry Training - Short Course (360 hours)
This course is designed for individuals who wish to take a comprehensive jewelry training course but do not have 24 weeks. Our short format comprehensive jewelry trainng course covers the four areas of study; fundamental jewelry techniques, stone setting, wax modeling/casting/mold making and decorative processes in a condensed curriculum. The course can be taken in 12 weeks full time or part-time in the evening over a 30-week period.

Basic Jewelry Making (36 hours)
Ideal for beginners or intermediate craftsperson, students learn basic metal fabrication, covering techniques such as sawing, soldering, polishing and more, while constructing rings, earrings, pendants, etc. This course meets for 3 hours once a week for 12 weeks.

Jewelry Repair (72 hours)
This course is ideal for those who wish to learn the basics of jewelry repair. The course includes the most common repairs, such as ring sizing, re-tipping, chain repair, etc. Designed for beginner and intermediate craftsperson, classes meet for 12 weeks, twice a week. Each class is 3 hours.

Diamond Setting I (72 hours)
The essentials of diamond settings are taught in this 12-week course that meets for 3 hours per class twice a week. Prong, channel, marquise, pear shape, bezel/gypsy settings are covered. Designed for the beginner and intermediate jeweler.

Diamond Setting II (72 hours)
Advanced diamond setting is taught in this 12-week course that meets for 3 hours per class twice a week. Bead work and pave settings are taught as well as burnish (flush) setting.

Wax Modeling/Casting/Molds (72 hours)
In this 12-week course students will learn to create jewelry objects using various types of wax, which then will be cast and finished. Rubber molds will be made from the completed pieces. This course meets twice a week for 3 hours per class and is for the beginner or intermediate jeweler.

Pearl and Bead Stringing (8 hours)
Learn the art of pearl/bead stringing. Techniques include knotting, multi-strands, endless and more. Ideal for beginners, this course meets once a week, for 4 weeks, two hours each class.

Jewelry Design/Rendering (30 hours)
Learn to put your design ideas on paper using color, perspective and shaping while learning design concepts. Projects include the designing of rings, earrings, bracelets, etc. This course meets once a week for 12 weeks; each class is 2.5 hours.

Open Workshop
Offered to past and present students of Studio Jewelers experienced in jewelry making who want to make use of our facilities, yet do not wish instruction.

The workshop is arranged according to the number of hours per month needed. No materials are supplied, but equipment and tools are available. Students may use the workshop any time during school hours.

30-day period: 20 hours for $100
30-day period: 40 hours for $175
30-day period: 60 hours for $250